Blog update

This is a small update on where I want to take the direction of my blog.

In the original version (hosted on Blogger…so 2010’s 😆), I had a fair amount of technical posts, but I was not happy with the quality, nor the content (as they were more related to my on-prem work that I started my tech career in), so I nuked them when I migrated over to GitHub pages to start fresh.

Currently, I have only a handful of posts, and none of them directly relate to my day job. While I will continue posts exploring my personal hobbies in technology, the main goal I have with my blog is to post about the technology I work with daily as a DevOps engineer. Writing public content is cathartic for me, however I can but a perfectionist so I don’t haphazardly post. It’s a very intentional process for me. That being said, I have a load of content to write about, but it will come off the press slower, as these subjects are far more technical, and I have many things in my life demanding attention.

Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to fulfilling my above goal soon!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.